Legionella (LRA)

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Legionella risk assessments have recently become a requirement in rented accommodations, this is to be monitored by the duty holder of the property however the duty holder can rely on a specialist company to undertake the inspection.

The legionella risk assessment is a nonobtrusive inspection of the properties pluming and water supplies. This generally involves the inspection of hot and cold storage supplies and tanks, all visible pipe works and any relevant dead legs and any appliances that may be connected to the water supplies. We also measure the water temperatures at all outlets to ensure they are meeting their required standards. What should you expect from this report?

Having IES carry this report out will give you complete peace of mind knowing that the work has been done to the highest possible standards it will also tell you if there is any further work required to ensure the property is completely safe to for continued use. Upon completion, we will issue a report which can be obtained for record, and any further work that may be required will be detailed on the report and can be actioned however the duty holder should see fit. We will make appointments to suit all parties involved. We will contact the tenants and arrange a suitable date and time to carry the report out, as we are all busy these days we can even collect key from the relevant property managers or landlords. We are completely flexible and can always accommodate our clients ensuring minimum disruption to all parties involved.

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