Gas Safety Inspection

Regular gas safety checks & inspections throughout Edinburgh

Annual Checks

It is important that all gas appliances are checked annually for safety and suitability for continued use. This should be carried out by a gas safe registered engineer. This applies whether you are private home owner or respected land lord. At IES our fully qualified and experienced engineers will give you complete peace of mind. We are completely flexible working around our clients to suit their needs. The gas safety check is carried out on all appliances that are gas supplied.

Fully Qualified

To ensure that the appliance has been set correctly to ensure all the burning pressures are operating as they should, the appliance has been sited correctly and has adequate ventilation, all the pipework is tight and secure and no loss of pressure which can lead to leaks, all of the flues and chimneys are functioning correctly and have no blockages, where appropriate we can carry out analysis on the combustion exhaust gases to ensure the appliance is burning gas as it should and off course  that all the relevant safety devices are functioning as they should.

An unsafe gas appliance can lead to Carbon Monoxide Leaks a poisonous gas which can have fatal effects. The regulations on CO detectors have changed recently and are as follows they must be sited correctly near the appliance a maximum of 3 meters away from the appliance, they can be celling or wall mounted dependent on the room lay out and relevant gaps from tops of the windows to the celling’s, the device it’s self can be battery operated however the battery must be non-removable and must last the length of the devices life span.

In certain cases, the devices must be interlinked for example where an appliance may be sited in a loft space a CO detector will be mounted in the attic near the boiler and another alarm will be sited on the landing ensuring that if there is a leak both detectors will sound alerting the person in the property of the danger. If your property doesn’t have the relevant alarms in the correct locations our engineers will advise on site and the report will be marked up accordingly to alert you of this.

We can also offer a gas appliance service where all the above safety checks will be carried out but as well the appliance will be stripped down and cleaned thoroughly to coincide with your manufacturer’s instructions. If you have a new boiler this is also relevant as most new boilers come with a warranty the device will not be covered by warranty unless you have an annual service carried out and upon completion the boilers log book being filled in.

Once we have carried out any of the above safety inspections we will issue a report which can be retained for official use. If any further works are required it will detail these on the report  and these can be actioned by the person’s responsible for the property.

To enquire about gas safety checks , CO detector for servicing of the boilers contact a member of our friendly team who will help satisfy your needs.


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