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There have been a few changes as off late with the standards towards fire detection. At IES we can install, verify and inspect fire extinguishers. There are all different types of extinguishers for all different types of fires, when we are choosing to install a fire extinguisher in a property we will carry out a risk assessment to determine exactly what type of extinguisher would best suit the property. Having a fire extinguisher installed could literally be the difference between life and death, we believe that if you have a fire extinguisher, fire blanket and correct fire alarm system installed you will be made aware of the situation and you will also have the necessary tools to combat the situation should it arise.

Fire extinguishers are currently a requirement for HMO properties but any property would benefit from having this safety measure in place. HMO requirements, HMO properties are required to have firefighting equipment installed in Scotland, if this is not something that you have in your HMO property already here at IES we can do a risk assessment on your property and asses exactly how many extinguishers that your property will require and the associated fire blankets. Once the fire extinguishers and blankets have been successfully installed we will issue a certificate to say that the have been install to and that it complies to the BS 5306 standards.

Fire extinguisher inspection, Fire extinguishers require to be inspected annually and discharged every 5 or 10 years depending on the type of extinguisher.At IES we offer this service our engineer will come out and carry out all the necessary checks. This involves checking the siting of the extinguisher and the fire extinguisher making sure they have been installed in a sensible location and that they are easy to access in the event of an emergency.

Checking the pressure gauge where applicable to ensure that the extinguisher has had no loss of pressure, checking the hose and the screwed thread to make sure it is clean and unobstructed making sure that there is no corrosion and where applicable replacing the o rings, weighing the extinguisher to make sure that there hasn’t been any loss of weight since it was installed, checking it has been correctly labeled to make the occupiers aware wat type’s of fire it is able to combat and that its service label has been successfully filled in each year previously and finally replacing the non-return seal so that it ensures that it hasn’t been tampered with for the next inspection the non-return seal should only ever be removed in the event of an emergency. We also thoroughly examine the fire blanket making sure it has been sited correctly, it is in clear view to the occupier in the event of an emergency, it hasn’t been tampered with and that it hasn’t been taken out of the enclosure and not correctly been put back.  Upon completion, we will issue you a certificate that will tell you if your firefighting equipment is in good working order or what you are required to do to bring it up to relevant standards.

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