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Here at IES we offer commercial stair and lighting repairs and maintenance. Here at IES we carry out all works to the highest possible standard, this particularly applies to stair lighting. We can offer anything from regular maintenance and replacing all the lamps to more efficient and brighter lamps to replacing the fittings for much brighter and more cost-effective fittings. As we all know the running costs can be high especially for stair lighting, With the new bright LED fittings that run at very minimalistic wattages this will help to keep these potentially high costs right down, we can even fit fittings with integrated motion sensors that will only come on when people activate the sensors and will only stay on for a maximum of 20 minutes or a minimum of 30 seconds, again driving the running costs down saving money for all the parties involved.

Periodic testing- we can carry out periodic inspection and testing for stair power, the benefit of this is that you will know exactly what condition the installation is in. Therefore allowing you to know if the stair is in good working order and suitable for continued use or it will tell you exactly what you need to do to bring it up to current standards to make it suitable for continued use. Whilst carrying out an Electrical Installation Condition Report on stair lighting there will be minimal disruption for any of the people living in the stair as possible and we will call all the buzzers upon arrival to let the building occupiers know exactly what we are doing how long it should take and what will or will not be active whist the work is in progress. Upon completion, you will be issued a the report detailing exactly what is required or if all is good then it will be satisfactory.


Ideal Electrical Solutions can maintain the existing installation to make sure that the stair is never without light


Ideal Electrical Solutions can do a free survey to renew all your stair lighting to new LED which will save money and maintenance costs over time


Ideal electrical solutions can test your stair lighting to make sure that it complies with regulations which in turn will keep you safe

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