Electric Vehicle Charging Points in Edinburgh

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

    Get Access to Electric Vehicle Charging Points in Edinburgh

    With the increase in consumption of electrically charged vehicles, a rise in demand of Electric Vehicle Charging Points is also observed in Scotland.  Numerous EV charging points are being installed across Edinburgh to ease up the commute for EV drivers.  Given the rising demand of charging points, Ideal Electrical Solutions have been leading the way installing points throughout the city.   We are a highly reputed Electric Vehicle charging point installers in Edinburgh and Scotland. You can count on us to provide you with instant convenience and best value for the money.

    Ideal Electrical Solutions are experience in EV charging points design and installation. We are known for our innovative technologies amongst the masses.


    OLEV Approved EV Charging point installer:

    Ideal Electrical Solutions bags a remarkable experience and expertise in installation of fully funded EV charging points across Scotland and are OLEV approved installer which means in cases you may be entitled to a grant.


    EV charging points for home and workspace:

    If you are looking to find the right EV charging point at your home or workspace Ideal Electrical Solutions can arrange a site survey and one of our team can quote you on what is required.

    Ideal Electrical Solutions has a wealth of experience in dealing with electricity and electric vehicles charging points.  We will provide you with available EV charging point designs which will install in your office or workplace within a span of a few days.


    Choice of charging posts:

    IES holds full approval for installing a wide range if EV charging points. Whether you are a fleet manager or a regular business owner, we offer you a wide range of EV charging points to install in your place of choice. Our comprehensive range of EV charging points encompasses a single post and a dual outlet EV charging point. The single post EV charging point allows a 3KW charge post for fast EV charging. The dual EV outlet allows 50KW fast charging of vehicles. You can select the EV charging point depending upon your needs.


    Safe and secure Electric Vehicle Charging Points:

    Our Electric Vehicle Charging Points are designed and installed while keeping the potential vandalism and safety threats into consideration. We make sure that the EV charging points are not only safe to use but offer a reasonable degree of protection against potential vandalism. This means that by investing in our EV Charging points. You get to enjoy a safe and secure charging of vehicles. There is no need for you to worry about potential EV charging point damages and usage threats.


    Smart EV charging units:

    EV charging units for vehicles has been made easier with our smart EV charging units. This technology helps you to connect your charging units directly to your computer or any Smartphone device. Once this connection is established, you can easily track the activities of Electric Vehicle Charging Points. This will help you in determining exactly how much charging a user is tasking from EV charging point so that you can charge them accordingly.


    Maintenance and control:

    IES is very serious and careful about delivering what it promises. Our services are far more than just the design and installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Points in desired areas. We offer maintenance of EV charging units on a periodic basis which ensure the quality is maintained throughout the lifetime of the unit.

    Call us today on 0131 258 2750 to arrange a free no obligation quote and speak with one of our trained professionals. Check out free public charge points for your electric vehicle across Scotland.

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