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What size of cable should you have for an electric shower

What is an electric shower?

Electric showers have an in-built thermostat which ensures the temperature is kept constant. Most electric showers draw water direct from a cold mains supply and only heat the water as it is used. This makes them very economical to run, with a shower using around 1/5th of the water a bath requires.

Electric showers are a sensible option for busy families as the inbuilt control ensures that the water temperature will not be affected by water being used elsewhere in the house.

Why should you get professional advice when installing a new shower.

When you install a new shower you need to concider the cable size as this determines what size of shower you can actually get. Most new showers require a 10.0 mm supply with a 45 amp circuit breaker covered by a RCD.

In your home you will more than likley have a 6.0 mm supply which is no longer large enough to supply a new electric shower. If you install a new shower without upgrading the supply cable you run the risk of electric shock, burning cables or cables melting then causing a fire.

You can see from the picture what can happen if you upgrade your shower without upgrading the size of the cable. If you have any issues or any questions regarding installing a new shower please do not hesitate to contact us.

This is a 6.0 mm cable supplied from a 30 amp fuse: This is a 6.0 mm cable supplied from a 30 amp fuse. Any questions about this blog contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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